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Choosing the correct real estate brokerage firm to sell your apartment building is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Baboudjian Properties has a specialized approach to the sale of apartment properties. With our background also being in property management, we know what buyers think and want! We also know the ins and outs of how to market your property, and deal with the tenancy related aspects when trying to sell your property. We work with our sellers closely to ensure their building is upkept properly, and reflects the standards of what buyers are looking for. We pour our heart and soul to make sure each call and inquiry is treated importantly, and that we can obtain top-dollar for our clients.

Apartment Buildings
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Our Preparation

We help prepare your property to meet buyer’s expectations when they conduct exterior and interior inspections of the units. As we assist with management needs you may have for the property, before the sale takes place, we walk-through all units to notate potential housing issues.

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Maintenance Recommendations

Repair and maintenance work will be recommended by us, based on our walk-through, and our experienced vendor contacts will be available to you if needed. We will also recommend improvements, when appropriate, if we feel this will help you achieve a higher price point.

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Property Books & Records

We review and help prepare all your books and records that need to be provided to buyers, including lease and rental agreements, copies of expenses, rent roll, deposit summary, last rent increases, improvements completed, etc.

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Professional Photography

We hire the city’s best photographers to capture the best attributes of your property. We photograph from various angles, including aerial shots and birds-eye view, that will capture highlighted areas of the property, scenery and the city.

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Professional Videography

Similar to how our photography captures the property, scenery, and city, our videography does all of that as well, and is edited to bring an experience to every viewer of that video. We want every potential buyer to see the positive attributes of your property through our videography.

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Marketing Package

A full marketing package will be made, with financial and property details. It will include various information, pictures, and write-ups that make your property packet a unique digital booklet for investors to appreciate.

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Property Website

We will create a separate website link for your property, with photos, information, and videos. The design and layout of the website captures all of the important points, and digital marketing needs for a property to be desired.

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Listing Sites

We’ll post your property on various listing sites to get maximum exposure, including the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, LoopNet, CoStar, etc. We will also post your property on numerous personal and business social media platforms to increase exposure to friends and followers.

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Direct Email List

An email introducing your property, with photos, description, listing information, and your exclusive property webpage will be sent to our subscribed clients and industry professional contacts. With thousands of contacts in our distribution list, we will be able to create the hype and exposure for your property.

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Buyer’s Inspections & Requests

Depending on your preference as the property owner, we will either take lead or assist in buyer inspections or lender appraisals, and will assist in the coordination of any items that need to be remedied. We will furthermore help you prepare any documents requested by the buyer or their lender.

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Escrow & Closing

We see-through the escrow period and assist our clients with escrow documents, city and county transfer documents, and other miscellaneous matters and documents that pertain to the preparation of the property exchanging hands.

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