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Choosing the right real estate brokerage firm to sell your property is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can be the difference between your property sitting on the market for months or selling quickly. Your property is a very important and valuable asset – and we get it! That’s why, we put our heart and soul into marketing and the entire sales process for each property. Baboudjian Properties’ team is comprised of innovative specialists who deliver superior sales results that consistently exceed client expectations. Our clients rely on us to be a knowledgeable and trusted source for valuation services, market information, representation, and property sales. We show personal attention to each client and provide a powerful customer experience focused on achieving great sales results.

Residential Properties
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Print Advertising

We will print full-page property flyers, professionally designed, highlighting the specs of your home. We will distribute these flyers to neighboring homes and during open houses. We will also create an e-flyer for digital distribution.

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Direct Email List

An email introducing your property, with photos, description, listing information, and your exclusive property webpage, will be sent to our subscribed clients and industry professional contacts. With thousands of contacts in our distribution list, we will be able to create the hype and exposure for your property.

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We hire the city’s best photographers to capture the best attributes of your property. We photograph from various angles, including aerial shots and birds-eye view, that will capture highlighted areas the property, scenery and the city.

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Similar to how our photography captures the property, scenery, and city, our videography does all of that, and is edited to bring an experience to every viewer for that video. We want every potential buyer to see the positive attributes of your property through our videography.

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Property Website

We will create a separate website link for your property, with photos, information, and videos. The design and layout of the website captures all the important points, and digital marketing needs for a property to be desired.

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3D Virtual Tour

We will create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property, allowing agents and prospective buyers from around the world to virtually walk through your home. We also create a top-down view for each level of the home, allowing the users a clear view of the property layout.

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Listing Sites

We’ll post your property on various listing sites to get maximum exposure, including the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, Etc. We will also post your property on numerous personal and business social media platforms to increase exposure to friends and followers.

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When appropriate, we will coordinate with a reputable company to stage your home, and bring a desirable outlook to prospective buyers. We will be part of the furniture selection and take a hands-on approach with the process to ensure the home stands out.

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Open Houses & Broker Networks

Open houses for the public will be coordinated and set. We also hold open houses for the brokerage community. Furthermore, we will be available to schedule with prospective buyers on different days and times throughout the week, to maximize in-person tours.

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At each open house, open house signs with flags will be conspicuously placed around your neighborhood displaying the property address to direct a higher volume of potential buyers to the listing. A “For Sale” sign will also be placed, using high-quality signage in the most visible area of the lawn.

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Listing Book

When appropriate, beautifully bound hardcover leather books are created for exclusive luxury listings. Our graphic designers weave together compelling photography, inspiring descriptions, and innovative layouts to produce a luxurious keepsake for all prospective buyers.

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Lifestyle Video

When appropriate, for our premier listings, we work with the city’s leading videographers specializing in real estate production to capture the unique lifestyle enabled by living at your property, including a featured short-video commercial.

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